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The ARNOLD! This was the craziest expo we have ever done! Day one was a rough day but we still met great people! Day 2 we kicked it up a notch, Jenn put her anxiety aside and stepped out on the front line with Dustin and myself! ( Proud Husband Moment) We all new this was a big deal for the brand so we gave it our all! The people that were nice enough to let us tell them about our brand didn't all purchase at the expo. To us that isn't our main objective at these events. We are there to expose the brand to as many people as possible and make people feel as if they are apart of the brand! Our goal is motivation and to change the world. If we were worried about the money being made we would stray from the path and there would no longer be passion! If you met us at the Arnold and supported just know we truly appreciate you and your time!


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