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A little bit about our affiliate program…

What better way to show people we appreciate them by supplementing their income for spreading our mission like a wild fire and helping us grow as a successful business. Creating an equal opportunity to make money the same way a sponsored athlete would. The best part is you do not have to be an “athlete” to be apart of our program. We welcome all walks of life when it comes to our program. This is about your passion not someone else’s.


Our goal has always been to change the game and make our program different. We just enjoy being different. It took us some time and energy to finally get our program where we stand out from the rest. Our main goal was to never make our affiliates feel like they’re just a discount code. Instead our goal was to make people feel as if they are a part of our brand so with that being said thank you for waiting on us as we figured out how to bring evolution to the affiliate program. We love that you are showing this much interest in our brand and for giving us the opportunity to help you grow.  Welcome to our circle aka THE PASSIONATE ONES!

                                    -Ray & Jenn

Our brand purpose

Our brands purpose has always been to guide people to FIND what they’re most passionate about. We do not care about how many followers you have. We care about how much engagement you have with those followers so in our eyes it is only right that we give you the opportunity to play on the same field as someone that has thousands or millions of followers. With our program you are in control of how much money you make with this program. The more people use your code the more money you’ll make.

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Welcome to The Passionate Ones Program

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